brotip#494: do what makes you happy, dude. whether that's watching football or baking cakes.

I follow back!

girlsjustwannahavefuunnn asked: I kno! i have sooo much to tell u too! Letss hang this weekend:)

i can’t b/c i’m going to tennessee, but we have to the next weekend:) text me!

girlsjustwannahavefuunnn asked: YAY Girl!! Wish i couldve gone to your ballet! Looks awesome! :) Misss u! <3

awww thanks liz!!! you’re the best! miss you SO much:( let’s make plans to hang soon! I have something to give you mwuahahah and lots to tell you! <3

From Saturday&#8217;s performance. I&#8217;m in there somewhere! (Photo by Tisa Della-Volpe)

From Saturday’s performance. I’m in there somewhere! (Photo by Tisa Della-Volpe)